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Status Window Info

  • Level
    • Affects many stats. One piece of data used is the Level Modifier, which is (level+89)/100
  • HP
    • see here for how HP is calculated
  • CP
    • see here for how CP is calculated
  • MP
    • see here for how MP is calculated
  • P.Atk.
    • see here for how P.Atk. is calculated
  • M.Atk.
    • see here for how M.Atk. is calculated
    • affects magic skill damage
    • affects curse land rates
  • P.Def.
    • see here for how P.Def. is calculated
  • M.Def.
    • see here for how M.Def. is calculated
  • Accuracy
    • see here for how Accuracy is calculated
    • Accuracy has nothing whatsoever to do with your chance to land a skill such as Deadly Blow.
    • It is unknown exactly how accuracy works. We do know level is already factored into the calculation just because the stat itself goes up by 1 every time you level up.
    • Chance to hit changes based on several factors:
    • in front of target0%
      to side of target+5%
      behind target+10%
      above target3%
      below target-3%
  • Evasion
    • see here for how Evasion is calculated
    • The game measures the attacker's Accuracy versus the defender's Evasion in order to decide if an attack lands.
      • It is impossible to dodge magic or physical skills.
      • Deadly Blow and similar skills are never evaded. If it misses, it is because the skill cannot hit unless the game determines it was a critical hit.
  • Critical
    • see here for how Critical is calculated
    • Chance to critical from the front of a target is critical/1000.
    • The chance is also affected by the attacker's position relative to the defender.
      • It isn't known how by how much, but attacking from the side or from the rear yields a higher critical chance; my educated guess is a 50% boost from behind and the side equally.
      • It is said that being at a higher than certain angle from the target increases critical while being below decreases in the same way that accuracy does.
    • Critical is capped at 500. You cannot have higher than 500 status window Critical.
  • Speed
    • see here for how Speed is calculated
    • 200 Speed is exactly twice as fast as 100 Speed. This means a character who already has 200 run speed sees less of a benefit from getting more run speed than a character with less run speed.
      • For example, if you go from 121 run speed to 127, this is a ~5% boost to your run speed. But a character who goes from 190 to 196 run speed will only see a ~3% increase.
  • Atk. Spd.
    • see here for how Atk. Spd. is calculated
    • Atk. Spd. is supposedly directly relative. 1000 Atk. Spd. is twice as fast as 500 Atk. Speed.
    • To find a non-Yumi bow's true Atk. Spd., divide the status window Atk. Speed by 2.
    • Atk. Spd. has a direct effect on both the time it takes to use a physical skill and the time it takes for the skill to be reusable.
  • Casting Spd.
    • see here for how Casting Spd. is calculated
    • Casting Spd. has a direct effect on both the time it takes to cast a magical skill and the time it takes for the skill to become reusable.