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The formula setup you'll find here is absolutely, without a doubt wrong! I warned you. These are only presented in a mathematical sense out of a really poor sense of aesthetic.

  • The chance to land a debuff depends on several things with slight variations between them. From personal observations, the chance to land a debuff depends on:
    • One of the base stats affects the chance of resisting a debuff
      • CON resists stun and bleed
      • MEN affects poison, root, sleep resistance and basically everything not covered by another stat.
      • From experience, base stats do not provide a great amount of resistance to a debuff. There are no exact numbers to provide but you're looking at a 1% or even less difference per point of a base stat in debuff resistance.
    • Magic-based debuffs are affected by both the M.Atk. of the caster and the M.Def. of the target.
    • The level of the skill affects the chance to land a debuff. I'm calling this Learn Level on L2P. Basically to ensure that a debuff will land, you need to keep the skill leveled up. In general, getting a debuff skill at level 70 will ensure that it lands normally on a target who is level 70, but has a reduced chance on a level 71 or higher and of course an increased chance on a level 69 or lower target. Specifically, it sets an effect multiplier which seems to correlate to a target's level similarly to accuracy & evasion. Skills like shield stun have an extremely high effect multiplier and skills like a tyrant's stun skill have a low multiplier.
    • Any buff a character might have to resist a specific debuff, such as Resist Shock, Invigor, Mental Aegis, etc.
  • Since little is known about the actual formula for determining debuffs, here is a general outline of how it seems to work:
    • Resistance would be anything like Armor Set Bonuses, Buffs, Passives, Toggles or such that resistance the debuff in question. There are many different ways to resist various debuffs.
    • Stun - (Base Land Rate/CON Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level)
    • Physical Bleed - (Base Land Rate/*CON Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level), can be cured by a cure bleed spell.
    • Magical Bleed -
      (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level)*(M.Atk./M.Def.),
      cannot be cured.
    • Poison - (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level)*(M.Atk/M.Def.)
      • Viper Cubic ignores any kind of resistance to Poison because the genius who coded the skill forgot to make it poison attribute. It can be cured by Cure Poison skills.
    • Holy Aura - (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level); holy aura is not a magical skill
    • Root/Hold - (Base Land Rate*Men Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level)*(M.Atk./M.Def.)
    • Physical Slow (Cripple) - (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier)*(Learn Level/Target Level)
    • Magical Slow - (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier)*(Learn Level/Target Level)*(M.Atk/M.Def.)
    • Sleep - (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level)*(M.Atk./M.Def.)
    • Paralyze (Base Land Rate/Men Modifier*Resistance)*(Learn Level/Target Level)*(M.Atk./M.Def.)
    • Misc. - most of the rest like the overlord debuffs are the same as roots